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“This is…definitely not for the faint hearted!” 

Much like the popular ITV show (I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here), the highly popular I’m A Celeb… Get Me Out Of Here Live Show pits two teams, Snake Rock and Croc Creek, against each other to collect stars by conquering their greatest fears. The 12 ‘Campmates’ will be put to the test by having them take part in a variety of Bush Tucker Trials. Who can survive the Hell Holes, master the Scare Chair and devour the gourmet critters to beat their opponents and be crowned King or Queen of the Jungle?


1 x Main Event Sponsor: €2,500

9 x Trial Sponsors @ €500: €4500 (the evening is made up of 9 individual tests/trials & each can be sponsored)

12 x Contestant Sponsorships @ €1000: €12,000

750 x Ticket Sales @ €20: €15,000

Contestant Votes: €1500

Raffle: €1500

Advertising Booklet

40 x full page Ads @ €100 each: €4000

40 x half Page Ads @ €40 each: €1600

Cover (Front): This is included as part of the Main Event Sponsor Package.

Cover (Rear):€600

Inside front Cover: €250

Inside Back Cover: €250 

Adverts: €6700
(All advertising inserts are subject to print & design costs. These can also be sponsored locally.)


*The income generated is based on the local efforts…It can go up or down, the above is used for comparative purposes and is an indication of what is certainly attainable. The above fee does not include the event management fee. This fee may vary and is dependant on where and when the event is staged and to what magnitude.


• Full Event Management- Our Professional Event planner will help you before the event and will be present on the night to make sure everything runs according to plan. This includes attendance at two meetings and correspondence by email and phone constantly throughout the process.
• Top Master of Ceremonies and DJ for (sound effects, music during trials etc.) Option for DJ to continue after the show also available.
• Liability Insurance.
• Professional Animal handler.
• Reptiles, animals and bugs for trials.
• All Props including coffins, perspex boxes for hands and for head.
• Contestant Management.
• Jungle Style Costumes.
• Print & Design of all Marketing Materials
• Event Programme (at additional cost, based on number of pages/adverts & info. This contains all adverts and info on competing groups etc)
• Complete Jungle Stage Set up.
• Full production- Full Trussing and Rig, Professional PA, Full Lighting System and Engineer, Live Camera Feed, Large Projection Screens.
• Camera Person for Live Video feed to get close up shots of the trials…this includes campmates reactions, creepy crawlies etc.
• Posters, Tickets and Sponsorship Cards.
• Event Programme (Includes Main Sponsors and Ads, info on contestants/groups)
• Photographer
• Videographer
• Voting tickets and Boxes

Anything and everything that is
needed for the night we have covered, All you need to do is find a place to host it, some sponsors, 12 brave contestants and tell everyone you know about it!!! 


There will be 12 contestants in the show, one put forward by each company/group. These 12 contestants will be split into two teams (of 6 people), called Snake Rock and Croc Creek. Both teams will battle against each other in the Bush Tucker trials.

The first section of the show is the instant knock out rounds. Here there will be 6 trials and one member from Snake Rock will face a member of Croc Creek. Each pair of opponents will be decided by the teams as a whole. A Large Spinning wheel will then be spun and this will decide the Bushtucker trial that each couple will face. The loser of each trial will be knocked out of the competition following their trial and the winner will proceed to the next section.

In the second section, there will be six contestants which will be reduced to three after one trial. These three people will face each other in another trial and the loser of this will be knocked out.

During the final trial the remaining two campmates battle it out for the audience votes. They face one last trial after which the winner is decided by votes from the audience.


Call: +353 (0)87 901 3637 or complete the online enquiry form



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