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There are many who dream of having a festival or event right outside their premises, on the adjacent street,
in the local town park or square and yet are deterred by the associated costs and required event planning.

Thankfully this doesn’t have to be the case anymore with the arrival of the POP UP FESTIVAL

POP UP FESTIVAL is a new concept which delivers a spectacular entertainment experience right to your door. Not only do we provide the covered stage structure but also the best of LIVE entertainment.

What we provide:

  • A fully covered stage (35ft (wide) x 19ft (deep) x 19ft (high))
  • All audio and lighting (state of the art & will cater for up to 5000 people)
  • 3 of Ireland’s top party bands and a MC/DJ performing over a 5 hour period (includes Harlequin – Ireland’s number #1 party band)
  • All technical staff and 2 security staff
  • Insurance certification, tax clearance certification and safety statements if required for local councils etc

What we require:

  • A stage platform* (to raise the main structure from ground level – 20 metre square x 1 metre)
  • Barriers* between the performers and the audience
  • Power (uninhibited 13 amp)
  • Necessary permission to erect the structure in the preferred location
  • You to market the event to your potential audience
  • The fee (at a price we know will not be beaten)

No need for event licenses, weeks of planning and long winded committee meetings – from the moment we arrive on site, within four hours you will have a festival at your doorstep and minutes later have revellers bopping to the sounds they love to hear.

Money Back Guarantee…We take pride in delivering a production of the highest standards and guarantee our results.

If you believe your audience weren’t given a top calibre entertainment experience we will give you your money back …and that’s a fact.


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