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an Irish dance experience of world class standards

Staring tantalising Irish and World champion dancers, ZERO GRAVITY is an Irish dance experience of world class standards. Complete with entirely original music and ground breaking choreography, this stunning performance infused with worldly influences and vast experience is undoubtedly unique in its imaginative composition.

ZERO GRAVITY also features performers who have toured the world with other international productions including Riverdance & Michael Flatley’s Lord of the Dance. A ZERO GRAVITY performance can be tailored in terms of duration and numbers of performers to suit the individual clients requirements.

If you are looking for the dexterity and robustness of an individual male ‘step/tap’ dance performance, the gracefulness of a female dance performance (or group of female dancers) or simply want to send the audience home in awe following the pulsating rhythms of a group of male dancers then we can tailor the performance to suit every event.

Your budget and facilities can dictate how many performers carry out the performance but be assured the outcome will always be of the highest standards and the talking point of any event. So go that step further, send your audience into orbit as our dancers defy the laws of gravity before your very eyes.